Cookies & Cream Cake

Deliciously Cookies & Cream pound cake covered with Cookies & Cream frosting. With crunchy cookie halves circle the top.

Price per cake Size (diameter) Minimum order
RM35 8" 1
RM25 6" 1

**You may change the pound cake to Chocolate/Vanilla sponge cake

Price per cake Size (diameter) Minimum order
RM30 8" 1
RM20 6" 1

Rich Chocolate Gateaux

Moist chocolate cake filled with light chocolate buttercream filling and covered with semi-sweet chocolate glaze.

Price per cake Size (diameter) Minimum order
RM30 8" 1
RM20 6" 1


Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Fudgy chocolate cake texture and crunchy walnut in every bite make brownies a true chocoholic and nut lovers favourite!

Price per piece Size (diameter)
RM20 9" x 9"

Happy Birthday D'Luvly Aini

Vanilla cupcakes with white choc & topped with fresh strawberry. Very simple deco as it was a special ad-hoc request :)

Another year older & wiser dearie sis. May each day 's journey accompany you with many smiles and bring you closer to your dreams! Amin...


Happy Birthday Arina & Nanie

Chocolate mousse cake topped with fresh strawberry for Arina & Nanie. "Happy birthday dear, wishing you a good health, happy & successful life ahead.." :)



This sweet little indulgence are perfect to have on hand for friends, kids, loved ones or even for yourself! Parties, birthdays, engagements, weddings, farewells - this small little treats will definitely make your every occasion special

The cupcake flavour:

* Vanilla
* Chocolate
* Orange
* Lime
* Mango
* Banana
* Mint
* Green Tea
* Cookies & Cream
* Red Velvet (signature red coloured cake with mildly chocolate taste)

The cupcake topping:

* Vanilla Buttercream
* Chocolate Buttercream
* Chocolate Ganache
* Cream Cheese
* Orange, Lime, Mango, Banana, Mint, Green Tea (buttercream or cream cheese)
* Cookies & Cream

Price per piece (size: 2" cuppies):

  • Minimum order quantity is 20 pieces for each cupcake and topping
  • All price listed are without individual casing
  • Price shown are for simple decoration, price may differ based on decoration, size or any additional items add (e.g fondant character, garnish etc)
  • Any specialty orders (theme cupcakes), you are most welcome to discuss the idea & I am happy to customize your order :)

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